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Tarot Quest

~ “I am tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch. Okay” ~

— Madonna

As mentioned in the post, Fucking Courts, court cards are one of the most controversial, as well as, confusing, overwhelming, and overall-stress-inducing modes of a Tarot Deck. Primarily, Court Cards either represent an aspect of us (the seeker) or someone within our lives, particularly someone upon whom we’ve ‘projected’ that part of our personality. However, they can also symbolize timing, qualities to embody, spiritual guides, and even events and situations coming into existence; thus making them all the more complicated to interpret.

The Court of Wands tend to be robust, creative, expressive and dynamic individuals. There is a spark to these people, and they are often the initiators and the visionaries in our environment. They have an almost childlike desire to be admired and appreciated and may…

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